Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answer: Yes. We are able to give discounts for multiple screens. Please use our contact form to let us know your needs.

Answer: The logos should be 75px high, and up to 350px wide. They should also be in jpg or png format.

Answer: No, our subscription service is a monthly service and can be cancelled at anytime.

Answer: Yes you can. Even if you setup an Amazon account for your business, there won’t be any additional charges from Amazon on our end. All of our charges come from our site and PayPal.

Answer: Yes! That is a perfect way to make a personalized, impactful slide.

Answer: No. The Weather slide is included at no charge and will display your weather conditions anywhere in the world.

Answer: The answer is yes and no. Yes because outdoor TVs can be purchased and Recastio works with them, considering if they have the proper ports used by the Amazon Fire Stick. If you want to take a regular TV outdoors, the answer would be no because you wouldn’t want to ruin your TV! A good solution would be to mount a TV in a window so that your digital billboard signage will be seen from the outside while being protected from the weather or buy an outdoor TV.

Answer: Yes. Feel free to call our office and you will be connected with a support specialist. We also monitor 24 hrs a day.